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StartWise is a coaching and advisory company whose mission is to unlock the full potential of individuals, teams, and companies.


Clarify your purpose, amplify your strengths, and drive meaningful growth aligned with your life goals.


Refine your approach to business, customers, and employees by leveraging real-world experience.


Navigate periods of personal and professional change with a sense of confidence and anticipation.


Develop your personal leadership style, and learn to lead with confidence and authenticity.


Get things done, meet your deadlines, and achieve the goals you set for yourself.


Accelerate your growth and broaden your impact by expanding your network with the right people.

Why Hire a Coach?

Next Level Performance

A coach helps you get better outcomes with less effort.  You don’t need a coach – but to realize your full potential, you may want a coach.

We readily recognize a coach’s value in professional sports.  A coach will make sure you are consistently tracking, measuring, and working towards your goals. A good coach is trained to see your potential, identify your blind spots, and help you push past obstacles to succeed.

In sports – your coach is not the same as your manager.  In the professional world, a business coach is not the same as your manager, investor, or board.  Management is often transactional; coaching is transformational.  You need advice from an objective third party who is 100% focused on your success in both business and life.

What to Look For

  • Professional experience: You need advice from someone who’s done it before, who understands business, people, hierarchies, and systems. Try to find a coach who has worked in different environments, roles, and industries – so you can benefit from best practices pulled from a breadth of experiences.
  • Coaching background: Look for a coach who has invested in training. Instinct and professional experience count for a lot, but – like teaching or managing people – effective coaching requires a unique skill set that must be developed.
  • Coaching style: Someone might be a great coach, but that doesn’t mean they will be a great coach for you. For coaching to work, you have to be open to questions, making changes, and being vulnerable. Set up an introductory session with a prospective coach and see how you feel before you commit.

What To Expect

Before a Session

Sessions are typically conducted over video conference. If it is your first session, you may be asked to provide background information prior to the call to help make the first session more effective.

During a Session

Each session lasts one hour. Your first few sessions will push you to explore the challenges you face in pursuit of your goals. Later sessions will focus on forming a strategy and action plan to put your new approach into practice.

After a Session

At the end of a session, you may be given one or more thought exercises to complete to help you put your plan into action. This is also a great time to ask any follow-up questions or share updates on your progress.


Cat N.

I started working with Sara at a pivotal moment in my life. Each time I lost direction or questioned my ability to continue on my chosen path, she gently steered me back to reality and left me feeling more capable than before. I think her true gift lies in hearing what I don’t say.

Cat N. / Executive (Non-Profit)

Lourika V.

I hit a mental roadblock writing my business plan. I thought I needed accountability to keep me on track. In reality, what I needed most was to become familiar with the blocks that hold me back. With the help of Sara’s guidance, I was able to recognize repeated patterns and break through old paradigms of thinking that no longer serve me.

Lourika V. / Entrepreneur (Tourism)

Hansen A.

What’s unique about Sara is how much business savvy she has from her professional career. Sara helped me see how to leverage the strengths of my diverse experience versus thinking of it as a drawback that would hurt me. Because of this I landed the exact role and compensation I wanted at a new company.

Hansen A. / Executive (High-Tech)

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